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Darren held Chris’ hand across the console between the two seats as they drove their way to their new place. At least the place they were planning on moving into. Darren was excited how things had been progressing. Of course there is always going to be bumps in the road, but that comes with anything you get into. Darren loved the life he was beginning. He was about to become a daddy with Chris, and soon to be married as well.  Darren knew Chris was a bit upset about him already getting the tattoo before they were married, but he wanted Chris’ name somewhere on his body. He started to pull in the driveway of their possible new home he looked over to Chris and kissed his cheek. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous, he was terrified of what would happen if they didn’t get the house. It was perfect for the two of them and their soon to be baby. He squeezed Chris’ hand smiling “Ready daddy?” he whispered.

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    Darren kissed him back. “Almost though right?” he giggled. “I am, I want it to be the wedding of your dreams. Whether it...
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    He smiled and just kissed him “You haven’t quite yet hun” He laughed and stopped slight “I’m not bothered if we marry in...